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    Contact Us
    ​The Student Union are available to speak to in person in the Library.

Contact Us

​The Student Union are available to speak to in person:
  • Tuesday afternoons, 12am – 5pm
  • Thursday mornings, 9am – 12pm
You can also reach us by phone on 0161 785 8862 or email at student.union@oldham.ac.uk

In this section

Academic & Graduate Hub

A university education at UCO is a life changing experience. We offer a wealth of advice on how to make the most of your time here.

Library and Resource Centre

The heart of our campus is our library and computing centre. It is spacious, well stocked and designed to be conducive to private and group study.

Careers Service

We will help you plan your career from day 1 of your Higher Education journey, right up to 3 years following graduation, making your career journey is a very successful one.

Student Union

When you enrol at the UCO you will automatically become a member of the Students’ Union (SU) and a member of the Nation Union of Students (NUS). The Students’ Union is run for Students by Students, with support from staff.

Student Portal

A student portal is an online gateway where students can login to access important programme information.


A virtual learning environment for all students at University Campus Oldham.