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    ​Welcome to the Library information page for UCO Students. You’ll find lots of useful information here that will help you get the most out of the Library service. Just use the handy headings below to find the information you need.

Information for our Students

Welcome to the Library information page. You’ll find lots of useful information here that will help you get the most out of the service. Just use the handy headings below to find the information you need.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, just get in touch via ucolrc@oldham.ac.uk or 0161 344 8888.​

How do I borrow from the Library?
All you need to borrow from the Library is your University Campus Oldham ID card. Please make sure you carry it with you when on campus.

What can I borrow?
University Campus Oldham Library has over 20,117 books and 1,630 E-books to support the courses here at UCO. You can also borrow DVDs and a range of equipment such as laptops, wireless presenters, voice recorders and memory card readers. Print journals are for use in the Library only.

How many items can I borrow?
The borrowing limit for all students is 10 books that is 1 week loans and 3 week loans combined.

Undergraduate and Foundation students
You can borrow 10 books at any one time. This total of 10 books can be any combination of standard or one week loans.

Specific needs students
Specific Needs Students can also borrow any combination of 10 books at one time, but receive a longer loan period on Standard Loan books of four weeks. Please see a member of Library staff if you need any further information. For information on how to apply for Specific Needs Student status, please email info@uco.oldham.ac.uk

How long can I borrow items from the Library?
Most of our books are either standard loan, which is three weeks, or one week loan. The different loan types are clearly labelled, but if you need clarification just ask. You will receive the due dates of your books when you borrow them, either stamped in the book by a member of staff, or on the receipt from the self service machine. You can check the due dates of your items via the library catalogue. A number of books are reference, which are for use in the library only. Most equipment is issued for one week. Please ask a member of staff for further information.
Can I renew my books?
Yes, as long as a book is not reserved by another user.

How long can I renew them for?
A standard loan book will renew for three weeks from the date you make the renewal. A one week loan will renew for one week. Both types of loans will renew for a maximum of twenty four weeks (six months): that's twelve renewals on a standard loan and twenty four renewals on a one week loan.

Once you've reached your maximum number of renewals, you can bring the book back into the library;

Please note that renewals are not guaranteed. Your items may be reserved by another user at any time.

How do I renew my books?
You can renew your books online via the library catalogue or by ringing us on 0161 344 8888 during opening hours. If you ring while we are closed, you can leave a message with your student number and a contact number, and we'll get back to you once we have re-open.

Can I renew other items, like laptops?
To renew a laptop, you need to bring it in person to the library. If there's not a waiting list for laptops, we will be able to renew it for another week. Please be aware that laptops are very popular, and fines are charged at £10 per day if they are overdue.
Do you charge fines?
Yes. Items that are returned or renewed after their due date will be subject to a daily charge.

How much are the Fines?
Standard loans are charged at 20p per day. One week loans are charged at 50p per day. Laptops are charged at £10 per day. All other equipment (cameras, recorders, presenters) are charged at various rates, please ask a member of staff for details.

Why do you charge fines? I'm already paying fees for my course
We don't enjoy charging fines. But they are there to make sure that people bring things back in time, to allow other students to borrow them. The daily charge for laptops might seem like a lot, but they are expensive pieces of equipment and very popular amongst our students.

I've got a fine. How do I pay?
Payments by cash or debit/credit cards must be made in person. Cheques should be made payable to 'Oldham College' and sent to: University Campus Oldham Library and Resource Centre, University Way, Oldham, OL1 1BB.

If you have incurred a large library fine or have been invoiced for a lost item and can't pay the charge in one go, we can arrange payment in instalments. Just ask a member of staff for further information.
What happens if I want to borrow something that you don't have in stock?
We will try to borrow any item you request from other libraries in the UK or indeed in some cases from around the world!

We can also request articles from journals; theses; some newspapers; conference proceedings and technical reports.

There is a small non-refundable charge for this service (£2). All you need to do is complete and sign a short form and we will do the rest.
How do I use the printers?
You can use any of the self-service printers in the by scanning your ID card or logging into the printers manually. All printers print in colour or black and white, all we ask is that you have enough credit on your account which can be topped up at the self- service print kiosk. All PCs are linked to the printers on the follow-me system. Please see section on copyright for further details on copyright regulations.

Printing charges
Our printing charges per sheet are very competitive:

Black & WhiteBlack & WhiteColourColour
A4 A3 A4 A3
​3p 6p 8p 15p

Topping up your credit
Use the self- service print kiosk. The machine takes coins (not 2p or 1p) and notes. A change machine next to it gives change in £1 coins for £20, £10 or £5 notes.
​Can I photocopy?
We have a self-service photocopier. You will need to have enough credit on your account. Credit can be added to your account by using the self- service print kiosk. We have several flatbed scanners.

​Copyright - What is copyright and what do I need to know?

Copyright is a form of intellectual property right which is implicit in the creation of anything original, including literary works, paintings, photographs, films, and television programmes. Its purpose is to define and protect the legitimate interests of copyright owners and, indirectly, to ensure that they receive suitable acknowledgement and, where appropriate, payment for the use of their work by others. Please be aware of copyright regulations when printing/photocopying or scanning documents. Clear notices regarding copyright are displayed next to every printer/photocopier and scanner and have much more detailed information on them as regards how much you are able to legally copy.

For more detailed information on copyright please see www.cla.co.uk
​Do you offer a binding service?
We offer a comb binding service. Items are bound with a card back and clear plastic cover giving a quality finished look. During busy times please allow time for this. In the evenings the cut off time for binding is 8.30pm.

Binding Charge £1.00

We do not however bind dissertations.

A3     40p
A4     20p

Stationery We sell a variety of stationery.
General enquiries – LRC main desk
​0161 344 8888

​IT Support

Fill in a comments card  ​Pick up a card from outside the LRC
​Text RENEW + Student ID nu​mber to 07950081389

​In writing
​Library & Resource Centre, University Way, Oldham OL1 1BB

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