• Facilities
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    We have designed a modern, high quality learning environment, wired to aid 24/7 learning and collaboration.

Great Facilities

The heart of our campus is our library and computing centre. It is spacious, well stocked and designed to be conducive to private and group study.

The Library gives you access to a wealth of online information, providing a great resource whatever your area of study, plus audio-visual materials and, of course, books.

Our online Virtual Learning Environment is the place to go for essential information for your course, and our student portal will have up-to-date information on all sorts of useful things – so you can keep in touch with what’s going on. You will have your own space on the network storage areas, keeping your work safe, and University Campus Oldham is covered by a wireless cloud so you can get access to the internet via your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Here, you will find the latest in digital arts facilities where you can create real objects from digital ones. Our laser scanner can scan objects or clay models to create digital models that can be used in a computer game or CGI production. Our 3D printer can also build objects in plastic using data sent from 3D modelling software. ​